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About our services

FutureTales Lab Team is the trusted research center that can build your understanding of what futures thinking is and what you can do with it though effective thinking tools. We aim to support your organization to apply essential foresight techniques base on your knowledge and expertise.

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    Foresight Workshop

    A series of workshop that can help you and your team achieve the “Future-Proof Organization” by 4 elements of strategic foresight learning journey. The workshop will be a combination of;

    • Future Landscape
    • Leading with Foresight
    • Strategic Foresight
    • Executing Your Futures

    You will learn how to use a powerful foresight tools which designed to help you spot new opportunities for innovation thinking. Moreover, we will provide the comprehensive resources which you can create new ideas through the interactive exhibition and gamification platform that apply a better perspective of strategy development.

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    Consultancy Service

    We help you to do a strategic planning roadmap by 3 steps, Foresight – Insight – Action which base on your organization ultimate goals. Additionally, we will do a framework, provide our insight data as well as custom workshops to build your team to understand future thinking and to apply the foresight tools and techniques by our team that has a professional background.