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New Normal: How the Covid-19 pandemic will create a new way of living

May 01, 2020

In amidst of Covid 19, the phenomenon of new normal has shaped one way or another to the habits of human being. FutureTales Lab tracked the record of this ongoing short to medium-term future and interpreted in a way of the possible future on a daily routine for one woman in an urban area. What and how Covid-19 has shaped her routine in one day from the dawn to night time.  

New Normal practices

  1. More sleep - With less time spent commuting, people will be able to get the proper amount of sleep each night without sacrificing something from their routine 
  2. Morning wellness routine - with less rush in the morning to be on time for work, there will be more time to practice wellness habits.  Drinking water and stretching will prepare the body for a productive day. Home Breakfast is back! 
  3. Local produce - There will be a lack of trust in the quality and origin of some foods, placing a higher value on local produce such as eggs, meats, fruits, and vegetables.   
  4. Food delivery - restaurants and delivery services will enhance their output, with optimized ordering UI and scheduled delivery times. More delivery-only restaurants will open. Restaurants will adapt to deliver ingredients and recipe to enhance home cooked meals.
  5. @home exercise - Those who don’t need advanced equipment or are hesitant about the cleanliness of a gym will do light exercise at home to counter the effects of sitting all day and keep their body healthy. Online exercise and personal coach will be demand. Virtual Exercising gear that can connect us with the groups similar to the online games will be common. 
  6. Drop off zone - in order to minimize contact with strangers, delivery services and condos will establish drop off zones 
  7. Hand Sanitizer - Hand sanitizer will remain available at public and private spaces
  8. Anti-bac Soap - higher scrutiny will be placed on the effectiveness of hand soaps 
  9. Teletherapy - To meet demand due to higher cases of mental illness, professionals will be more accessible via video conferencing.  Eventually, VR technology will be implemented to simulate in-person counseling 
  10. Meal Prepping - a result of more scheduled time management and weekly planning.  Weekend routines will include planning, shopping and cooking for the week’s meals. 
  11. Proprietary work terminals - Companies will invest in proprietary software that allows employees to efficiently work remotely in line with the company policy 
  12. Home Offices - each home, regardless of size, will have a dedicated space for a home office setup.  New condo developments will all have rooms designed to accommodate a work from home culture 
  13. Virtual Meetings - Fewer face-to-face meetings will take place in favor of online video conferencing 
  14. Clothing & fashion - Formal top and comfy pants will be a norm for normal working days. High heeled shoes will be out of fashion. 
  15. International News - People will be interested in global news and more aware of what is happening -- both good and bad -- around the world and how that affects them now and potentially in the future 
  16. Government updates - Governments will offer daily updates about air quality, traffic conditions, and development of advanced, smart-city technology.  If there are any major health concerns, local or global, those too will be updated. 
  17. Self-improvement - Free time will be spent on self-improvement, such as learning a language or skill 
  18. Enhanced EdTech - more stimulating and engaging EdTech software that connects experts with learners 
  19. Online payment systems - Societies will establish cashless economies to eliminate the spread of bacteria and disease on banknotes and coins. 
  20. Community Gardens - Developments will start to reserve more land for greenspace to promote residents to be outside, with enough space for recreation 
  21. Urban Farming - Increased self-reliance for food will promote urban farming 
  22. Virtual meetups over video games - Socializing and interactive no longer requires leaving the home, as more and more people will turn to multiplayer video games where they can play and interact with their friends 
  23. International friend group - Virtual meetups eliminate a barrier for establishing and nurturing friendships.  It will be more common and socially accepted to have long-distance friends made through the internet 
  24. Less-confined social spots - Experience with self-isolation and quarantine will promote the demand for open spaces and cleaner-feeling bars and clubs 
  25. Safe Travel - Certain countries will carry a stigma depending on how they handled the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Countries that reacted well will be viewed as safer and more desirous for travel. Personal driverless car will come sooner than expected.