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Rising energy demand, falling energy supply

March 01, 2020

By 2035, there are 35 percent expected increase in global food demand. In 2050, as world becomes more populous and urbanized, the demand for energy, food and water will increase. However, the Earth has limited natural resources to satisfy this demand. The world currently uses resources at a rate 50 percent faster than they can be regenerated by nature – by early 2030s, the world is projected to need more than two planets worth of resources to meet world demand. The global population is predicted to demand 50 percent more energy by 2030 and this is bound to increase further by 2050. Wind, solar and other renewables will account for about 30% of the world’s electricity supplies by 2040.

Assuming that current levels of demand continue, there is only 50 years of oil and gas supply left. Given the dependence on fossil fuels for meeting development needs, the world is bound to experience volatile climate with rising pollution, increasing occurrence of severe weather events.

When that day comes, how will you live?

What are you going to do today to help create a better future?