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How to meet rising demand for health

March 01, 2020

We'll spend more on health but also want stronger action to influence health. Spending on health and jobs in health is bound to grow. Some of that spending will go on the problems of prosperity – obesity, alcohol consumption and injuries from extreme sports. By 2030, mental health may at last be treated on a par with physical health. Medicine may have found smart drugs for some conditions but the biggest impact may be achieved from lower-tech actions, such as meditation in schools or brain gyms for pensioners.

By 2050 the general physicians will be replaced by avatars. Face of medical services will change as individual become more self-reliance in terms of healthcare: surgery will be more machine based and done by robotics and patients will able to stay at home and travel to closest hospital for operations.

People become high-tech human beings that are susceptible to being too ‘perfect’. Overpopulation may become problematic as people will live longer, in diverse areas, and can eat a plethora of foods that weren’t deemed consumable before.

When that day comes, how will you live?

What are you going to do today to help create a better future?