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Tech Tattoo

March 02, 2021

Tech Tattoo

Researchers at the University of Houston have developed a new wearable technology designed to provide more accurate biometric reads.  This new technology is imprinted directly onto the skin using ink from a pen. 

The sensors and circuits used to track the intended biometric data are drawn on, ensuring close contact to the wearer for data reading that isn’t obscured by the wearer’s movements.  This technology is able to track muscle signals, heart rate, and body temperature. It also can monitor skin hydration and other physical data, which makes it helpful for tracking and treating illnesses 

The popularity and ubiquity of wearable technology like the FitBit or Apple Watch highlight the potential less obtrusive technology, such as this drawn-on tech, to continue to be developed.

Future Implications : Unobtrusive wearable technology, coupled with 5G and 6G communication technology, will help doctors and medical professionals better receive and analyze patients’ biometric data. This practice would act as a huge benefit for preventative health care.