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New media, new places, and new ways to learn

March 01, 2020

There will probably be no campuses as we know them today. Learning won’t be limited to a physical school. Traveling classrooms and the real world environment will be a new campus. However, city libraries and city laboratories will remain to help students complete their projects. Education and disciplinary will broaden through the use of AR/VR. Self-grids, family clans, and instinct to provide for yourself are all ingrained into megacities. Even the way people learn and go to school is more individualistic, not a group activity and task anymore.

Evidence proved that mental health and general well-being of children improve while taking part in practical activities conducted outdoors. The study indicates that children who have taken part in Forest Schools showed a significantly higher pro-environmental attitude than those who have not.

The students from fortunate backgrounds, who will find themselves at the heart of edu-tech fusion in the next ten years, are expected to continue their good fortune and remain adaptive and ‘fortunate’ for the next four decades.

The underprivileged students, on the other hand, will not have the same access to technology and information as those fortunate and in-between adopters, but they will be provided with greater opportunities to adapt and change their circumstances. Unlike their worker fathers, the underprivileged students can, on a best case scenario, expect to change their circumstances and move from underprivileged students to in-between worker in the next twenty and thirty years, and hopefully join the group of fortunate workers or retirees who will actually enjoy ‘no retirement and a better healthcare’.

When that day comes, how will you learn?

What are you going to do today to help create a better future?