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Virtual Education

June 12, 2020

Virtual Education

When learning a new style turns teaching into games.

You have probably heard the sentence, 'Learning is not limited to the classroom.' The educational technology industry is taking off and set to have a market value of US$252 trillion. VR technology is already widely used in many schools. Students learn from virtual textbooks that let them travel the world without leaving the classroom or even go back to historical times or the era of the dinosaurs.

At Gwangju in South Korea students can experience the feelings of astronauts through AR technology in the classroom. The ordinary classroom becomes a place to create shared experiences. AR technology help teaching through more interactive and memorable content.

In the future, teachers may have a new role in using AI ​​systems. They may gain more time to focus on individual teaching to develop a personalized learning experience.

More info:

- VR or Virtual Reality is a simulation and not an actual existing location.

- AR or Augmented Reality adds objects such as graphics or animations to real places.