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The future of social change and evolution of lifestyle

March 01, 2020

All developed countries are undergoing an enormous transformation. The rapid development of technology is changing our working life and societies, and the ecological sustainability crisis requires mankind to significantly reduce the use of natural resources. This means that we will need to find new ways of creating sustainable well-being.

This change envisions the possibility of dramatic shift where people and society would be irresistible so they have to prepare for its impact by adopting and being agile. As these changes appear to disrupt in various level, ranging from individual to macroscale, its relentless pace become faster and faster. Agility or the ability to responsively and quickly adapt to the rapid changes such digital future requiring awareness of interlink between cyber, physical and biological world which could lead to the new behavior. On one hand, some people may soon closely tie themselves with innovation and advance technology in order to apply its function for greater demand and better performance. But in the other hand, other people who ignore or neglect to prepare for these significant changes might begin to realize the loss. The case of Kodak and Nokia could represent the power of disruption well.

When that day comes, how will you live?

What are you going to do today to help create a better future?