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Home 3 D Printing

April 09, 2021

Home 3 D Printing

It takes months to build a house but that timeframe could soon get much shorter. Home 3D Printing is an innovation that promises to simplify and speed up construction.

'Home 3D Printing' uses the plastic printing principle of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). You can use specific materials to make masonry or spray concrete. Some companies use waste materials such as recycled industrial waste, rice straw, agricultural raw materials, concrete waste to help cut production costs by up to 50%. The new method is also good for the environment because it reduces energy for construction and cuts waste.

Home 3D Printing is being used to build homes and small offices and is taking off in more and more countries such as China, Russia, Dubai, France, and the United States.

A 3D home manufacturing company in Russia says that houses built with 3D printing have a lifespan of 175 years, helping draw attention to the technology, which promises convenience, speed, and affordability.