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The Effects of COVID-19

March 24, 2020

In every crisis there is opportunity. FutureTales LAB by MQDC analyzes how the present affects the future. The spread of COVID-19 has created a dire situation. But we see new opportunities, which may transform our lifestyles in several ways.


- Impact: Panic! People are afraid to be in public. They avoid eating, shopping, or going out among large groups.

- Future Implication: Consumer behavior will change. E-commerce and autonomous delivery systems will take off as people seek to limit their exposure to others..


- Impact: Chaos! Businesses are hit by disruption to global supply chains. Workers across many industries cannot get to work, with a wide impact on all sectors.

- Future Implication: Factories and workplaces will be automated, with more VR, AR, XR technologies, including AI. Full virtual spaces will create a new work culture that is free from the office. Location-independent work culture will take off.


- Impact: Fear! People are hyper-aware of health risks. They take new hygienic precautions and may suffer from fear and stress.

- Future Implication: A proactive healthcare platform will apply digital technology in medical systems. New tools will help with diagnosis and stop disease spreading. The market for hygiene and health-protection products will boom.


- Impact: Instability! Governments around the world lack the means to counter false information. Fake news spreads alarm.

- Future Implication: A protocol will emerge to better respond to crisis, with an emphasis on preventing the spread of disease and dealing with unrest.