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Thailand Social Monitoring

May 01, 2020

Do you know what people are interested in right now? 

Twitter and Facebook reveal that people stuck home in the lockdown are exploring topics including the epidemic, politics, lifestyle, objects, and places. 

People are very interested in COVID-19, especially the peak of infection, symptoms, public information, prevention, and testing. People are following news to protect themselves and those around them. Many of us are talking about bus drivers because of driver of the 140 bus who caught COVID-19 and died. The Department of Disease Control wants to find and quarantine people who could be spreading the infection. 

In politics, we are interested in the government project to treat those with the disease. There are opposing views on this and a lot of talk about the Ministry of Finance. 

In terms of lifestyle, a lot of people are interested in hairdressing, working from home, and online learning. Lifestyles, work, and teaching have changed a lot. More people are currently working and teaching at home, which could become a ‘new normal’. 

Another trend is the Chula Market, where students exchange or sell items online during the crisis. 

The objects that currently most interest people are alcohol-based sanitizer and masks. These items are in short supply and have a higher price than normal. 

The places that people talk about a lot are generally where many COVID-19 patients are found. 
Phuket, for example, has 190 cases. (45.96/100,000 people) 
Bangkok has 1,328 (23.42/100,000 people) 
Nonthaburi has 149 (11.86/100,000 people) 
(Information as of 15 April 2020) 

But people are still paying attention to SAVEChiangMai amid the area’s bad weather and forest fires. 

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