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Personalized food business through digitalization

September 09, 2020

The new business of data utilization is shifted through the more personalized health food and beverage. The case from Japan has launched a new service for business that links workplace’s vending machines with an application on employees' smartphones.

Starting as the beverage company through digitalization, the future of this business is to work closely with other companies by offering the individualized health advice to workers to adjust their habits which helps saving companies money on medical costs.

At the same time, by providing data on individuals' buying habits, this will change the consumer behavior on health concerns and the way of their living. The big goal of this business is to ultimately turn into a full-fledged health business.

Future implication: The future trend of food and beverage will not be considered only as the consuming product. The future trend is to consolidate data utilization on consuming behavior to provide an advance info on consumer’s health. In other words, the business is needed to consider ‘the well-being’ of their clients.