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Sound Analyzer

April 09, 2021

Sound Analyzer

If you like to drive but don’t know about engines, there’s a new app to help you keep your car on the road. "Sound Analyzer" can tell what’s wrong from the engine’s noise, just like having a mechanic by your side to give you peace of mind when problems arise.

Škoda, the Czech car company, developed the app to analyze the sound of a running engine. Open the app and record the noise. The app will compare the recording with its database. With up to 90% accuracy, it can then tell you where the problem lies – in the steering, AC, clutch, and so on – using AI-based processing and analysis. The app has been tested by 245 dealers in 14 countries.

“Sound Analyzer” is another breakthrough in the digital world that plays a huge role in our daily lives. Smart technology is making life easier every day.