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Future of Work and Multipotentialites

March 16, 2021

Future of Work and Multipotentialites

Multipotentiality, having multi-faceted abilities, can prove a career obstacle. But highly diverse knowledge is set to become a premium feature in the labor market.

Psychologist Ronald Fredrickson popularized the term "multipotentiality” in 1972 by using it to describe people who can achieve high competence in many subjects given a conducive environment.

On the positive side, these people have many career options. But they may struggle with their choices, especially in the early days of university. Choosing their field, with many possible outcomes, can be a source of stress and undermine mental health.

Future Implications 

-Economic Growth: Competent people may be able to help fill a labor shortage in many sectors and bring knowledge from diverse fields to their work.

-Company adjustment: Multipotential people can learn new things fast, leading to innovation and change. But unless they are promoted to achieve their potential, they are likely to eventually leave their companies.