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Contactless and Autonomous Food Robotics

March 19, 2021

Contactless and Autonomous Food Robotics

Innovation in food technology to reduce human contact looks vital in an era of global pandemics. Robot chefs with skills like humans have been launched by Handong Camry Commercial Group in Jinan in China, whose robots are designed to prepare over 30 dishes, each in 3 minutes.

Blendid, a US startup, has developed a robot to make fruit and vegetable smoothies. Customers can pick which fruit and vegetables to mix. The robot then serves tailormade drinks, preparing up to 45 in an hour.

Contact-free service starts with orders by mobile phone or tablet in the outlet to enjoy dishes as good as from a real chef. Labor costs are also reduced from over 10 employees to only 4. AI will help the food industry become more efficient with lower costs and improved service.