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Robot colleagues and companions

March 01, 2020

Robot colleagues and companions

Exponential technologies, breakthrough innovations and on-demand living will play a key role in shaping an accelerated, agile and abundance future, hence transform the way in which individuals live, learn, work and play, as well mold new family values. Technology and innovation will play a dominant role in shaping how individuals live, learn, work and play, as well as families interact. Families will become more sustained and individualized.

Machine learning and deep learning to play an important role, therefore more reliance on artificial intelligence especially in decision making process. Artificial Intelligence will not only provide data visualization but also give directions towards what decisions should be made in order to make strategic or operational moves

The world will have the household robots more than the manufacturing robots by 2030. Most part of physical interactions will be replaced by interaction with robots. By 2050 we will have advanced human-like assistant, servants and sex robots. In the next 40 years, Robotics will be serving basic services advanced manufacturing. Some human skills may become quickly outdated or event irrelevant.

When that day comes, how will you live?

What are you going to do today to help create a better future?