In customer service the new luxury is humans

ARTICLES | Jan 26, 2022
In customer service the new luxury is humans

Interacting with robots used to be an extraordinary experience. Today, though, it’s becoming more common than talking to humans.

Human-machine collaboration will transform service careers, with a risk of people being replaced by robots. Robots in the hospitality industry, however, may give human labor unprecedented value.

Why is that? The answer is that humans need to talk to humans to feel human. And interacting with people rather than robots is better for building trust and peace of mind. Burberry, for example, saw its profits plunge 80% in 6 months after using only a chatbot to chat with customers.

But the world's population is declining – and robots are cheaper. Businesses will switch from people to robots and force customers directly or indirectly to talk to automated systems. This change is evident in many B2C fields such as medicine, tourism, real estate, and banking. Many industries are developing automation, including more robots at work. Talking to real customer service may become a new luxury.

Important implications for the future:

- In the future when robots will be in all dimensions of human life we may see human-to-human dialogue as a rare and precious experience for only the privileged.

- If the use of robots and artificial intelligence is normal in everyone's daily life the human touch can be an important factor in building trust and maintaining a good relationship with customers.

- Robotic labor or automation requires human workers to adjust and increase their skills, including developing to a level that controls various systems that replace human labor.


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