Collect and analyze historical data, ongoing developments, and future signals that impact well-being and sustainability.


“Where great minds gather to map alternative futures.”

FutureTales Lab by MQDC is a private futurology center set up by top Thai property developer, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC). The center’s focus is to study, analyze, and identify signals and drivers of change, and equip stakeholders with knowledge and decision-making tools for planning toward better futures. The lab utilizes future studies and foresight methodologies to investigate the futures of living, work, learning, leisure, mobility, and sustainability. Our researchers conduct data analysis to explore and co-build scenarios of possible and probable futures. We engage in both national and international research collaborations, and facilitate futurologists from government agencies, businesses, educational institutions, and all generations to co-structure preferable and livable futures.Since our establishment in January 2020, we have published a featured research report in collaboration with ARUP Foresight and Innovation on ‘Future of Urbanization and The Greater Bangkok 2050’, and ‘Futures and Beyond - Navigating Thailand toward 2030’ with National Innovation Agency (NIA). Our team has hosted several events and forums (in-person, hybrid, and online) on topics ranging from future cities, future generations, and future of mental health, etc. We have also conducted and contributed to more than 300 workshops such as Urban Futures Forum, City foresight workshop with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Foresight workshop for Chief City Innovation Officer (CCIO), Future of living workshop, etc. Added to this, the team members are active in knowledge sharing as facilitators and speakers reaching an upward of 300K audience in our quest to help navigate Thailand’s futures.

Where great minds gather to map alternative futures.


Circle of friends

FutureTales Lab by MQDC has established collaboration with agencies both nationally and internationally. FTL has a network of local futurists in Thailand who can cooperate to support information on various fields. These organizations include government organizations, the private sector, academia and the general public.