How VR Can Boost Mental Health

ARTICLES | Mar 21, 2023
How VR Can Boost Mental Health

Writer: Nuttawut Kulkaew

Editor: Wittaya Wonglor


Immersive technology and the metaverse will open new avenues for education and virtual therapy, especially psychological safe spaces. Psychological safety lets people explore themselves and confront their fears in a safe, controlled environment. A mother in South Korea speaks with her dead daughter by wearing virtual reality (VR) glasses. Users can deal with violent events or practice specific skills, such as troubleshooting when flying a plane or responding to people at a border.


The technology can also simulate environments like forests or beaches, helping users feel more comfortable and focused during mental health services through virtual reality, mixed reality, or holograms. The metaverse health market is forecast to grow from $6.5 billion in 2021 to $72.1 billion in 2030 at a high CAGR of 29.89% per year. In the Asia-Pacific region, which will be the fastest growing market in 2022-30, such technologies could become more widely used. Mental health therapy will travel long distances. Teletherapy, mindfulness, and meditation through technology will offered enhance virtual experience.



Implications for the future:

- Organizations are interested in using virtual world technology to develop important skills for personnel, such as crisis problem solving, communication and social skills.

- VR will expand the scope of mental health services by psychologists and psychiatrists, managing the environment in both the physical and virtual worlds to help patients recover.

- New jobs and careers in healthcare and holistic wellness will involving expertise in virtual reality and human-machine interaction.


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