Future of Play

RESEARCH | Jul 19, 2021
Future of Play

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Leisure activities entertain and relax people and promote interaction. Leisure is vital for well-being as it relieves fatigue and enhances life quality in terms of body, mind, thinking, and socializing. Technology has transformed how people play, especially virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Although technology supports people’s leisure and drives growth in relevant industries, urban growth threatens spaces for recreation. Urban and natural spaces have been turned into business and commercial areas. Common and public land has shrunk so people have less space for activities like walking, exercising, or socializing, which weakens well-being.

Futurology captures trends that create change, including factors that will have a significant impact. FutureTales LAB and the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) have presented their findings to relevant sectors to develop products, services, environments, projects, and policies that promote physical and psychological enjoyment, so people are happy in life, enjoy good well-being, and are prepared for any challenges in the future.

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