Claim the right to breathe clean air

ARTICLES | Feb 05, 2022
Claim the right to breathe clean air

It’s a new year but Bangkok’s still got the same old dust problems. Did you know that last year its residents breathed in PM2.5 dust equivalent to 1,270 cigarettes? Each day the dust will kill 40 people over the next 10 years, according to BBC Science. Airborne toxins can cause lung cancer, strokes, heart disease, and even miscarriages.

The “Thailand Clean Air Network (CAN)” pushed last year for laws such as an act on reporting emissions and movement of pollutants into the environment and a clean air regulatory act for health.

We’re all now ready to claim the right to breathe clean air. But achieving this for everyone needs us all to work together.

We must stop ignoring the issue and no longer put off solutions for PM2.5.

Credit: ​World Air Quality Report, Rocket Media Lab

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