Climate Quitting

ARTICLES | Apr 10, 2023
Climate Quitting

Writer: Nuttawut Kulkaew


Job resignation over climate and environmental values is drawing increased attention. In both the UK and the US, 35% of Generations Y and Z are considering quitting for a job with an organization that actively advocates for environmental issues. This phenomenon is consistent with increasing eco-anxiety found in a recent survey. Of 10,000 people aged 16 to 25, 59% expressed serious concern about the climate crisis, and 45% reported that it was affecting their lives.


A 2023 survey shows that 46% of job seekers across a range of ages consider the environmental impact of organizations in their decision to apply for jobs. Up to 30% of applicants study compliance with environmental stewardship principles, socially responsibility, and good corporate governance (Environmental, social, and corporate governance: ESG) before deciding to apply for a job. Up to 20% decide not to apply for an organization without serious environmental measures. 64% of working-age people are undecided about whether to work in a particular industry and 37% will decide to start working for an organization as soon as they see that it is ESG compliant.


While corporate employees want their organizations to make public commitments and take environmental action seriously, 50% of employees in the UK want to see their organization take serious action. ESG in action, according to a survey of public attitudes by the British government on climate and energy, found personal financial limitations. The public continues to be concerned about the climate crisis. 84-92% of office workers want their organization to share their values and concerns. 45% of employees think about leaving their job if they find that their values don’t match. The focus on the environment seems to be clearly expressed by Generation Z. But organizations value more reasonable compensation. 55% of 25-34-year-olds and 48% of 35-44-year-olds will seriously assess their organization on ESG principles. By 2025, 75% of the global labor market will be Generation Y.



Implications for the future:

- Organizations in unfavorable industries may try to attract young talents in Generation Z through attractive compensation, policies, and benefits.

- Becoming a value- and purpose-driven organization will be a key challenge for large organizations looking to attract high potential workers.




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