Why Cybersecurities needs Codebreakers

ARTICLES | Feb 28, 2022
Why Cybersecurities needs Codebreakers

Now all our data is constantly recorded digitally, we must protect ourselves from cyberattacks and ensure internet security.

Cybersecurity and cryptography have completely different meanings. Cybersecurity usually means guidelines to stop digital data falling into the wrong hands. Cryptography includes ways to remove or encrypt data. During the conflict in Ukraine hackers have already exposed the vulnerability of areas such as financial transactions and internet infrastructure.

Working from home and paper-free policies have further fueled the long-term rise in digital data protection. Cybersecurity professionals and crypto designers are now in high demand. US figures suggest careers in medicine and nursing will grow by only 4% during 2019-29, while cybersecurity careers will climb by 30% and code design careers by 12% in a similar period.

Working as a code planning designer, however, can involve expertise and specialized knowledge in database architecture, data structure, information technology, programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, and C++, and advanced math for their application in cryptography algorithms. Also valuable are communication skills, troubleshooting, and good analytical thinking. Crypto designers need to communicate with people from different sectors who lack technical expertise to plan and devise ways to generate and decrypt data for cyberthreat protection.

Implications for the future:

- Information is critical in the digital world. When data is stolen or destroyed, the impact can be massive. During the current conflict in Ukraine hackers have hit Russia hard, affecting transactions and daily lives.

- Information security will be vital to the world. Anyone who can't ensure cybersecurity may pay economic, legal, and political costs.

- Growing demand for data protection reflects the rising threat to privacy at the individual and institutional level.

- A complete digital transformation will bring new careers for which digital knowledge is essential.

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