Data-Driven Initiatives for Productivity and Well-being

ARTICLES | May 29, 2023
Data-Driven Initiatives for Productivity and Well-being

Data for employee health and efficiency is increasingly important in business.


Using data to understand employees is gaining more attention to create working environments that promote well-being and help staff work efficiently and effectively. People analytics is becoming a more active field, up from 13% in 2021 to 21% of companies in 2022.


Productivity tracking through data science or technology such as mobile devices, productivity software, sensors in the workplace, chatbots, helps organization understand employees better. Such technologies help design a personalized work experience for efficient work. Employees are engaged with the organization. Overall well-being reportedly raises productivity by at least 20%.


Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) will let companies use data science and technology to boost performance and improve critical decisions. But success depends on the corporate vision, the expertise of specialist staff, and the digital skills of employees. Lufthansa achieved a 30% increase in productivity once employees could use an enterprise analytics platform to make informed decisions.


Employee data can also help organizations figure out how to support each employee in their work and learning, helping them work efficiently and enjoy good health. Health and job satisfaction involve policy design, welfare, learning management, and wellness programs in both the physical and virtual worlds to suit each person.



Implications for the future:

- Chief Data Officers (CDOs) will have a greater role in designing work systems as well as controlling the use of data science and technology for employees.

- Enforcement of laws or data privacy and security policies will be strictly monitored by both internal and external auditors.




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