Emerging Tourism Trends in 2030

ARTICLES | Jan 27, 2023
Emerging Tourism Trends in 2030

Writer: Nuttawut Kulkaew

Editor: Wittaya Wonglor


Tourism in 2023-30 will stage a recovery from the pandemic. The phenomenon of revenge travel has emerged as tourists seek to make up for the lost trips during Covid. At opposite ends of the spectrum, war tourism and safe haven tourism are both in evidence since the outbreak of conflict.


War tours to places of unrest around the world attract people in search of knowledge. Grave tourism or dark tourism involves locations of crimes or wars, such as battlefields. The segment is estimated to have reached $30 billion in 2022, set to grow at 2% CAGR to $3.65 billion in 2032. These forms of tourism are currently tiny within the overall tourism market, set in 2032 to hit $895 billion. But this sector is set to rise, involving destinations such as Taiwan, Israel, and even Ukraine-Russia. “Visit Ukraine” is forecast to have brought in up to 1.5 million tourists in half a year (February - August 2022) after the war erupted with new intensity, with 50% more tourists than before the war.


Talented people, businesspeople, and investors are also shifting to safe havens, bring themselves, their families, and their assets to countries away from war zones, for long stays or permanent residence. Thailand and all ASEAN could be destinations. Russian tourists during the Ukraine-Russia War total 50,000 in Phuket or almost 20% of all tourists.


Implications for the future:


- Thailand will be one of the long-stay destinations for tourists with high purchasing power who value peace, well-being, and rejuvenation.


- Talented workers and attractive assets in the ASEAN region may lead to investment in businesses and the growth of the real estate market.


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