Forest Town

ARTICLES | Dec 20, 2023
Forest Town

[#ForestTown]: “Forest Town” is a concept to address the challenges posed by rapid urbanization and environmental degradation by integrating urban development with biome systems.


This concept is based on the principle of uniting people, cities, and nature (Enviralism). It aims to develop technological cities while promoting the environment and developing innovations for sustainability, such as reduced carbon pollution emissions, renewable power generation, efficient waste management.


Forest and natural areas in cities also boost the well-being of residents. Green areas store and absorb water, improve air quality, reduce heat, promote mental health, encourage outdoor activities, provide space for social interaction.


Tengah in Singapore is an example of an innovative city with forest areas. Safe travel routes for wildlife connect nature reserves with water storage and recreation spaces. Car-free travel zone and underground transportation systems support walking and cycling. A solar power generation system and a coldwater pipe system in the basement control indoor temperatures. There are also other city development concepts such as XZero City in Kuwait and Forest City in China with an emphasis on integrating biome areas into the city.


Forest city concepts offer innovative solutions, integrating nature, sustainability, and technology so that citizens and nature can enjoy a good life together.



Important implications for the future:

- The design of future cities places importance on ecology. Environmental sustainability and the coexistence of humans and nature will apply innovation with increased development of infrastructure and services within the city in line with new lifestyles.

- There has been an increase in cities that care about ecology and the coexistence of humans and nature in various forms, such as underwater and biodiverse cities.


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