Future of Generations

ARTICLES | Feb 06, 2022
Future of Generations

After our dive into the future of each generation, let's see how their futures compare.

Gen X will be going into full retirement. But over 81% are concerned about their retirement plans[1] because coronavirus has shrunk their income, put them out of work, or brought heavy treatment costs, eating into their retirement savings.

But Gen X won’t retire and stay at home. They’ll live the same life. They still want to work and do the same everyday activities, so we may see Gen X mentoring younger generations, using their experience to support them.

Gen X cannot avoid environmental issues in retirement. These problems are beginning to appear now. Waste, pollution, PM2.5 will worsen, affecting well-being in the future, especially for Gen X with declining health.

Gen Y now of working age have enough experience to become leaders. Yet they dream of quitting their jobs for early retirement. They are starting to earn extra cash, seeking passive income from investment or a second job or even as an influencer.

Because Gen Y are born and raised with the internet and social media, 80% spend over 8 hours daily on social media. Their constant updates could also line their pockets.

Gen Y try to build their status and identity to quickly achieve a comfortable lifestyle. But they’ll have to work for that. Surveys show 73% will continue to put their energy into hard work, risking their future work-life balance. Gen Y may also outlive previous generations, reaching an average of 90 years.

Environmental problems, of course, are inevitable. But Gen Y are seeking ways to care for the world. They are more and more aware of coming problems. They like to spend their free time in touch with nature. They see the importance of sustainable coexistence with nature.

The new generation of children, or Gen Z, are at the start of their working lives. They will become society’s main labor force. But starting off in a global recession is tough. Their average income is expected to take at least one or two years to return to normal.

Gen Z are struggling to survive this recession by raising money outside their specialisms. A survey shows that 56% will use cryptocurrency and NFTs as another source of income in the future [2], which could also develop into their main occupation.

Gen Z grew up in a deteriorating environment so are aware of the problems. They try to adjust their daily lives to live more sustainably, whether by eating less meat or by wearing second-hand clothes to reduce the pollution and exploitation of “fast fashion”.

They also take care of their physical and mental well-being. Gen Z try to spend time on creative hobbies like embroidery, collage making, or drawing, while exercising to safeguard their health. Gen Z may face health problems, both physical and mental, as they age. But they will learn how to cope and fix those problems too.

What’s your take on this comparison of the future of the 3 generations? Please share your views in the comments.

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