Gen Y, seeing the world through a screen

ARTICLES | Jan 29, 2022
Gen Y, seeing the world through a screen

- Over 80% of Gen Y spend 8 hours a day in front of a screen. They have grown up with the rapid development of technology. Being always online affects their behavior in many ways, whether it's shopping, working, or socializing. They see the world differently from previous generations because online news makes them more tolerant of diversity and more eco-conscious. But it also affects their health with conditions such as diabetes and depression.

Gen Y, growing up online

-As so many of Gen Y grew up with technology they don’t need to adapt to high-tech devices. No matter how advanced technology becomes, they will always be trendsetters.

Avid online shoppers

- More than 25% of GDP, or about 5 trillion baht, comes from Gen Y. They really are the country’s main force. During the COVID-19 pandemic, especially, they stayed home with their parents or found affordable accommodation so had cash to shop for another 10 years.

Clashing with previous generations

- Social media leads Gen Y people to believe the world can be better in the future. They use social media channels to criticize and be the eyes and ears of society, so can come into conflict with both other generations.

Earning online

- Gen Y, besides spending time on screen for fun, also build online identities to become famous and earn, because they are the most creative content creators in the era of social media.

Saving the world

- Gen Y has seen a lot of social and economic change, such as the Tom Yam Kung Crisis and Hamburger Crisis. They’ve lived through many political conflicts and natural disasters so know how to live together with the world in the future.

But ignorance of the real world means Gen Y don't like going out. They see society’s problems on a screen, so that 63% are aware of the environment and nature, and 90% are likely to invest in companies with a goal to contribute to society and the environment. This also affects how tourism turns closer to nature.

Poor health but long lives

- Lifestyle-related conditions affect Gen Y, as 73% work over 40 hours a week and 26% work two shifts, with no time to exercise or even go to a doctor. They can therefore develop depression and diabetes.

But new technology such as basic health checks on a mobile phone is likely to help them live up to 90 years.

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