Future of Real Estate Access to Information

ARTICLES | Feb 23, 2022
Future of Real Estate Access to Information

As real estate shifts from tangible assets to a fully online world, behavior and technology will be transformed.

1. Online trading with digital assets, with a platform for both buying and selling, is now close as millennials and Gen Z become 50% of homeowners.

2. Real estate technology will drive investors and startups. There is a clearer direction toward accepting new technologies. Companies investing in technology in real estate increased 157% in 2019. Major companies like JLL and CBRE are investing to develop technology to expand the market and support the new generation of customers, changing from not wanting to own real estate to wanting a private space with convenience from new technology and a tangible price.

3. Brokers are using technology to work easily with their clients, such as iBuyers services, loan modification services, marketing tools, and techniques for closing sales faster. The brokerage system will be recognized as a key driver for adopting new technologies and will reflect increasing focus on this area.

4. Digital value creation systems (tokenization) of real estate, instead of investment, will cover all real estate assets. Fractional ownership will increase liquidity and access to global assets. These trends are likely to expand further in 2030.

Implications for the future:

- Online links and digital systems will be an inevitable part of the communication channel for any business approach and future marketing. The key question, therefore, is the availability of human resources to keep up with these inevitable trends.

- The real estate industry will be able to extend from the real world to the metaverse, creating an unexpected business and economy, which we must follow and prepare for.

- Every sector has to consider fundamentals so everyone in society has access to housing. Up-to-date knowledge should be studied and disseminated to all groups of people to ensure everyone understands the changes.

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