Gen Y and Globalized Lifestyles

ARTICLES | Feb 12, 2022
Gen Y and Globalized Lifestyles

- Gen Y stand out for social media and communication technologies. They grew up with the technological change. The online world enters their real world in many areas such as shopping or travel. They create an identity on social media that affects their life in many ways.

Gen Y on IG

- More than 80% of Gen Y use social media and their most popular app is Instagram. About 83%, or 12.6 million, use social media and share their "lifestyle" through IG stories, reels, and posts. Sometimes they can make money from their posts too.

Online shopping

- Retail has changed so that online shopping is no different from shopping in a department store. Gen Y read reviews, check quality, and compare until they get the best buy. They discuss their purchases on social media to become trendsetters.

Victims of FOMO

- When everything in life goes on social media Gen Y can suffer fear of missing out (FOMO). More than 25.3 million Thais have FOMO, and more than 57% or 14.4 million are Gen Y, ranked third in the world, according to a survey.

Online change

-Although FOMO erodes mental health, 73% of Gen Y believe social media can change the world for the better, especially the environment through economic, political, and social change. Living online lifestyle is driving major issues in the real world.

Are you Gen Y? What’s your daily lifestyle? Let us know in the comments.

References from:, Similarities and Differences: Lifestyles of Generation Y Consumers (Paphaporn Chaihanchanchai and Sarawut Anantachat, 2021)

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