HR with Digital Dexterity

ARTICLES | May 17, 2023
HR with Digital Dexterity

Human resource (HR) staff face challenges from many directions, from management, the labor market, the changing world, and especially automation and artificial intelligence (AI).


 More than 60% of organizations around the world are using AI to manage their talent. AI can reduce the workload of recruiters by 75%. A survey of 2,000 companies worldwide found that by 2024, 80% of organizations will adopt AI algorithms to hire, intern, and fire employees without prejudice or human judgment. Over 40% of HR jobs in international companies have been replaced by AI, putting pressure on HR professionals to keep their roles.



HR will soon be another field that needs to learn new skill sets such as digital mindset, digital literacy, and data analytics. It has become a powerhouse of digital dexterity, finding who can work with AI, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing. 85% of Chief Human Resource Officers globally agree that data and analytics are an essential part of their HR strategy. A study found that employees who can use new technologies make digital initiatives 3.3 times more likely to succeed. But two of the top three challenges in HR are related to the use of data and technology: analyzing human resources data (39%) and implementing modern HR management systems (36%). Only 49% of organizations are able to create a successful corporate culture that drives employees within the organization.


If HR can master technology and manipulate data for analytics and predictions it will reveal more about employees, reduce workload, and prevent and solve problems. Organizations will be able to devote more resources and time to developing the potential of employees and the organization. HR strategy work will become more important and better aligned with business goals.



Implications for the future:

Non-code programming knowledge opens job opportunities for HR workers, both in terms of enhancing work capabilities and extending to other fields.

- Employees who understand the organization well will be the first the organization looks for when it needs an AI whisperer or someone to work with AI to develop the organization.

- The use of chatbots to ask questions before engaging with human employees will become more common in organizations that prioritize speed of response and prioritization.




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