Gen X lifestyle in modern world

ARTICLES | Feb 09, 2022
Gen X lifestyle in modern world

How do Gen X live their lives?

- As we mentioned in previous content, Gen X are the “Sandwich Generation”, carrying debt and the burden of parents and kids. Have you wondered about their lifestyles? How do you live your life with all that responsibility?

Gen X love the past

- Gen X have unique tastes with a passion for the 60s-80s pop culture they grew up with. They love vintage treats, early Star Wars movies, bands like The Beatles, Abba, or Queen, videogames that hold memories.

Gen X at the table

- 73% of Gen X prefer instant food or beverages, which are easy to get [1] and familiar. They don’t search out new dishes and unfamiliar tastes like other generations because they focus on looking after their family. They like what’s good and familiar.

- But a new twist on an old dish might catch their attention. They'll be thrilled to try familiar dishes with new flavors. Such cooking methods also help bridge the gap between Gen X and Gen Y.

-Gen X adore spicy food. According to Mintel, 48% [1] prefer their meals to be spicy. Above all, though, they look for foods that are naturally sourced. Nutritious food labeled for sugar and trans fat helps keep them healthy.

Gen X vacation with family

- Gen X focus on work-life balance. They work hard, take pride in their work, and spend time with their families. On holiday they look for places with a kids’ club and activities for both adults and children.

- And yet another survey shows that 78% of Gen X enjoy outdoor activities, while 70% enjoy visiting museums and places of historical importance, including arts and culture. [2]

Gen X look after their health

- No matter how much they love taking care of others, Gen X don't forget to take care of themselves. They look after their physical and mental health and their looks. Between Q2 and Q3 2020, the proportion of Gen X engaged in health, fitness, and wellness rose from 40% to 46%, and the percentage of vegetarians climbed from 14% to 17% [2] too.

- Although mental health campaigns target the young, over 15% of Gen X say they or their family are facing mental health issues, and 50% feel comfortable discussing their mental health. 2] Gen X, despite how much they care for others, don't forget to care for themselves.

Gen X use streaming too!

- In 2020, Gen X Disney+ streaming users rose from 24% to 31% [2] as lockdown boredom kicked in. You might think most content suits a younger audience. But many old movies or cartoons might remind them of their childhood.

Gen X are more and more into social media

- Gen X people spend more time on social media. And it doesn't stop at Facebook anymore. In Q3 2020, the number of Instagram users increased from 38% to 57% [2], driven by chatting or updating with friends as well as following news and current events.

-Amid concerns about COVID-19, Gen X shop online instead of going to the market. Convenience drives their online shopping, which is steadily rising even if the pandemic will ease.

Are you Gen X? Let us know about your views and lifestyle!



[2] GWI Report- Gen X Examining the attitudes and digital behaviors of internet users aged 38-56 (2020)

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