Metaverse in The Physical World

ARTICLES | Jan 24, 2023
Metaverse in The Physical World

Writer: Nuttawut Kulkaew

Editor: Wittaya Wonglor


Many companies are enhancing the metaverse’s hyperphysical experience for enjoying our interests in real time. Mixed reality technologies include holograms, VR/AR, and signage manipulation. A virtual changing fitting room, for example, lets us try out clothes and cosmetics. Consumers are likely to buy more online without touching goods or objects, in keeping with the post-COVID era. The VR/AR market is predicted to increase at an average pace of 45.7% between 2021 and 2026 to reach $1.9 billion in market value. Globally, 67% of companies want to spend money on VR/AR campaigns for advertising and digital marketing.


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Implications for the future:

- By integrating fantasy worlds into people's everyday lives, augmented reality (AR) technology will grow fast to become a fundamental driver of real estate and events.

- Children and teenagers born and raised after 2030 will not be accustomed to living in a physical world without mixed reality technology, making them think and act differently from earlier generations.

- Disparities in education will become even more severe when one group of learners can have both physical and virtual learning experiences with personalized learning management systems powered by artificial intelligence technology. Other students might even lack access to reliable information on the internet.




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