How will Modularity Change Work and Life?

ARTICLES | Mar 22, 2022
How will Modularity Change Work and Life?

As we increasingly work from home or from anywhere, managing our work and personal time becomes more important. Poor time management will affect both our personal lives and work efficiency. "Modularity" is an approach to help restore balance and make life easier.

- The Home Office Kit : Designed by German company Mutabor under the slogan “The Branded Home Office”, this allows us work online without relying on background AR. This mobile device has a document shelf on one side with office equipment and can be extended to fit the space. It helps create a more authentic workplace atmosphere. On the other side is a wall that separates the living area to help divide work and leisure.

- The Box Office : Brazilian architect and urban developer Andrya Kohlmann helps freelancers and small businesses make the most of their existing space with a multipurpose storable office box. You can choose the color and adjust the internal structure to your preferences. This box can store essential office supplies and equipment such as computers, printers, folding desks, ergonomic chairs, reception chairs, microwaves, refrigerators, and coffee makers.

- The Backyard Office Pod : According to US market research, 62% of people who work from home would like a room in their backyard as a work or study area. A manufacturer has an online platform for customers to get their ideal space separated from their home, helping create a working atmosphere.

Implications for the future:

- Various equipment and methods will help meet short-term needs and help us break free from the constraints of our living environment in the long term. These changes will become permanent in the next generation.

- If working remotely becomes normal after the COVID-19 outbreak, the trend of separating home spaces into corporate work environments will expand and endure in the long term.

- Working in tandem with modern technologies such as the Metaverse, workspaces will become another important option for organizations and their employees. In the short run, the industry of office space rental and co-working spaces may no longer be profitable.


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