What's lie ahead for ASEAN Robot's Industry

ARTICLES | Apr 04, 2022
What's lie ahead for ASEAN Robot's Industry

Robot manufacturing in ASEAN is on the rise and Thailand will likely be a leader.

The metaverse is taking off and the robotics industry is expanding to meet its needs in terms of socializing, technology, economics, the environment, and politics.

-Economics: Thailand is set to lead in robotics in ASEAN with region-topping and top-five worldwide growth, according to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR). Thailand's industrial robot market will have an average growth rate of 19%, No.1 in ASEAN and No.4 globally, after Brazil 33%, India 26%, and China 22%.

-Sector Survey: Data from more than 270 companies shows that a third will invest at least 5% more in robotics and automation by 2023. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 will help drive demand in many industries.

-Environment: Advanced technologies help reduce pollution and greenhouse gases by tracking energy consumption and reducing human error. Batteries to store energy will result in less waste. A case study of Urban River in the United States shows how the Trash Bot robot can clean up canals and raise awareness about the environment in cities.

Implications for the future:

Products and services from robots will be soon become standard in society. Rapid growth in robotics reflects its positive image, including AI for daily life and work. Robots will inevitably become a part of society or a new normal.

Reference: Urban River; International Federation of Robotics; Forrester Consulting Group

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