Urban Future Forum 2022

EVENTS | Apr 15, 2022
Urban Future Forum 2022

Ms. Wipattra Totemchokchaikarn, a Foresight Researcher at FutureTales Lab by MQDC, joined the “Urban Future Forum 2022” on “New Normal: New Mindset” held on Zoom by Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Thai Public Policy Foundation, Future Innovative Thailand Institute, National Innovation Agency, and FutureTales.

Mr. Apirak Kosayodhin, former governor of Bangkok, gave the opening address. The forum aims to create awareness among all sectors of design and management use technology and innovation to solve various urban issues and develop sustainable cities.

Ms. Totemchokchaikarn spoke on “Future of Urbanisation” starting from using Future Foresight and Horizon Scanning with technologies such as machine learning coupled with innovations around the world to scan for weak signals with a STEEPV framework.

She shared insights, trends, and key tools for urban planning and highlighted 4 scenarios for Bangkok: 1. Green Metropolis 2. River City 3. Indoor City 4. Disaster-Resilient City

FutureTales Lab’s collaboration with Arup on foresight research for 2050 found 7 Mega Trends and 5 Future Scenarios for Greater Bangkok in 2050:

• 7 Mega Trends: 1. Well-being for all 2. Wise nation 3. Data dominance 4. Platform transparency 5. Waste to jobs 6. Health holidays 7. Village harmony

• 5 Future Scenarios: 1. Technotopia 2. Urban Playgrounds 3. Decentralised Resilience

4. Accelerated Generations 5. Transforming Lifestyle

She also shared futurology analysis and foresight concepts for the next 40 years in 5 eras: The Great Reset (2021-30), Asymmetric Global Development (2031-40), Tech Singularity, Tipping Point of Humanity (2041-50), Great Migration, Humanity is Redefined (2051-60), Space Society (2061-71), when living in space will be normal.

“FutureTales Lab believes that our lifestyles and behaviors today, along with government strategy, will affect the future in terms of living, technology, transport, and healthcare, showing that we need to prepare in various dimensions and act appropriately to live sustainably in a society that changes in the future,” she said.

Watch the interview >>> https://bit.ly/3LexYfE

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