Futures of Mobility in Thailand 2030 | 2nd Edition

RESEARCH | Feb 06, 2024
Futures of Mobility in Thailand 2030 | 2nd Edition

Research Team

Dr.Chaiyatorn Limapornvanich

Wipattra Totemchokchaikarn

Deunchalerm Khiewpun

Dr.Pongsakorn Kanjanatanin

Nuttawut Kulkaew

Dr.Kulisara Budpud

Dr.Pannin Sumanasrethakul


“Well-connected cities are flourishing cities”. Efficient transportation networks, advanced digital connectivity, robust economic systems, and inclusive policies all contribute to creating vibrant livable spaces where people can easily navigate, connect, and thrive.
What might mobility look like in Thailand by 2030? Find out in “Futures of Mobility in Thailand 2030”.
This report is the 2nd edition of foresight research under the project “Futures and Beyond: Navigating Thailand toward 2030”, conducted by FutureTales LAB by MQDC in collaboration with the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization).

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