The Futures of Workforce 2035

RESEARCH | Nov 15, 2023
The Futures of Workforce 2035

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Author: Sunatta Pongcharoen


Embark on an exciting journey through our research as we envision the workplace a decade from now, transformed by groundbreaking technologies and other external changes including societal, economical, environmental, political, and value trends. 
Imagine, the workforce, effortlessly immersing themselves in a global work environment, collaborating with diverse talents and continuously learning, all while AI and automation streamline mundane tasks. 
This research delves into the changing dynamics of today's workforce, identifies driving macro trends, and builds 'Futures of Workforce' scenarios. This research aims to give readers an opportunity to explore the 'Futures of Workforce' through a variety of plausible scenarios, profiles of the future workforce, and strategic recommendations for governments, businesses, and the workforce themselves navigating this exciting, ever-evolving landscape. 
Join us in shaping a future where work aligns seamlessly with personal values and provides a sense of 'Well-being For All'.

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