Futures of Immersive Experiences

RESEARCH | Aug 22, 2023
Futures of Immersive Experiences

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Author: Austina Karma Gurung

With technologies becoming more and more integral to our lives, have you ever wondered how our tech-driven futures would be like?
Apart from the convenience and the opportunities that come with it, are we also aware of the risks and the challenges?
In our latest research on the 'Futures of Immersive Experiences', we examine the possible futures of immersive experiences in 2035, assuming that mass adoption of advanced technologies has already happened by then, transforming our lives with no barriers to entry and participation. The report explores 4 scenarios in first-person accounts, offering glimpses at the tools and systems that could be available as coping mechanisms/life mechanisms in tech-driven and -enabled scenarios.


['Futures of Immersive Experiences' is the final instalment in the 'Technoscape' collection - the three-volume research compilation offering intriguing scenarios depicting the potential positive and negative transformations brought about by immersive technologies.]

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